Canine Hot Spot Treatment

Canine Hot Spot Treatment

Your dog is your best friend. You want to make sure your dog stays healthy and happy, the best
way you possibly can.

Dog hot spots, are a troublesome skin condition. This condition makes your dog very
uncomfortable. The dogs hot spots will reoccur and spread. The hot spots will get worse if they
go untreated. And the worse case scenario is potentially increasing your dogs risk of infection.

There is a safe, simple and proven non chemical method for treating your dog hot spots. And
with any advice, please make sure you check with your Veterinarian before you try any home
treatments for your pet.

Oatmeal. Humans have used oatmeal for centuries to relieve dry skin, rashes and other skin
irritations. The same can be done for your dog. Choose organically grown oats. Organically
grown reduces the exposure to pesticides and or herbicide residue. Plus it is better for the

Here’s a couple of methods you can use to treat your dogs hot spots with oatmeal.
If you are comfortable with bathing your dog, try making a soothing bath for your pet. There are
some great natural shampoos on the market that contain oatmeal. Always check the ingredients
of the shampoo and conditioner to ensure you are getting the proper one. Some products will say
natural and not really be natural, or even say oatmeal shampoo, but yet you will find no oatmeal
in the product at all. You can also make your own oatmeal soak in the bath tub. Place oats in a
nylon or cheese cloth, hang over the bath tub water spout, fill tub up with tepid water, to the
proper depth based on your dogs height. Try to get your dog to soak for 15 to 20 minutes if he
will sit still that long.

Home treatments for Hot Spots
Veterinarians have recommended making a oatmeal paste. It’s a very simple process. Mix
oatmeal and warm water to make a thick paste, apply to the hot spot areas. Leave the paste on for
10 minutes. Rinse your dog with tepid water. Your dog can’t tolerate hot baths. Pay careful
attention to the water temperature.

Add oatmeal into your dogs diet. Oats have many added dietary benefits. It is simple to add.
Cook oats as you would for yourself. Mix with your dogs daily food. You will see an improved
coat over time. Oats help with your dogs digestion as well. Oats have many vitamins and
minerals. Add a small amount at first, then increase each day to reach 1 tablespoon per 10 pound
of your dogs weight.

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