Remedies for Dog Scabs

Dog Scab Remedies

Scabs are caused from intensive itching, licking and chewing an irritated spot on the Dog Scab Remedyskin repeatedly which can cause hair loss in that area. Home remedies are an inexpensive cure to relieve the irritated spot for relief. Below is a list of easy homeopathic remedies for canine scabs.

Apple Cider Vinegar

To maintain a healthy pH balance in your dog as well as treat the infected area, apple cider vinegar is loaded with nutrients to reduce the severity and prevent scaring. Simply mix one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a quarter cup of water and dab with a cotton ball. Let the apple cider vinegar and water soak into the cotton ball prior to applying on the dogs scabs. Allow the infected area to soak for approximately fifteen minutes and then rinse with warm water. Repeating this procedure on a daily basis will promote cell growth for the scab to fall off and start healing.

Baking Soda Paste

Use to remove the scab on a dog so a scar will not be formed by applying baking soda paste. If the area is now healing or is completely healed, using the mixture will prevent any damages from occurring. Mix two tablespoons of baking soda with one half cup of water and stir until the mixture is formed. Apply it directly onto the area and allow the paste to dry which will take approximately fifteen minutes or so. Once completely dry, rinse with warm water and repeat three times per week. By doing this, the scab and/or scar will start to diminish and reduce.

Tea Tree Oil

Use a cotton ball or cloth and apply a charitable amount of tea tree oil and apply directly onto the scab and surrounding area and let dry completely. Tea tree oil is an antiseptic agent which is extremely beneficial to treat scars and dog scabs.

Black Tea

Soak the tea bag in hot water and then remove and let cool. Apply directly to the irritated area for approximately five minutes. This will help to dry out the dog scab so the healing process will be quicker. Repeat three to five times a day until the area is dry and healed.

Vitamin E

Applying vitamin E on a puppy’s scabbing area will prevent scarring from occurring. It is also soothes the area so the pup will not be prompted to constantly lick or chew the infected area. Simply poke a hole into the end of a Vitamin E liquid capsule and squish the liquid onto the problem area and let dry.

An animal should be regularly bathed using a flea and tick shampoo in order to prevent him from itching constantly. Abnormal scabbing is caused from constant chewing, licking and gnawing at an area on its body. Medicated shampoo relieves the itching and scratching and a preventative measure prior to scabbing. Using one of the home remedies above will prevent scaring and will heal the irritated area.

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