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End Dog Allergies Now. Proven Remedy to Relieve Dog Skin Allergies

End Dog Skin Allergies Today! Guaranteed Results. Successfully used by 1,000's of pet owners! Try now - unconditional guarantee!

Skin problems on pets is very common and so many of these issues are a result of dog allergies, also known as dog skin allergies. While there are different and board definitions for these symptoms, the majority of them are caused by a weak immune system which then leads to dog allergies on the skin. This weak immune system then leads to the following issues, and if left un treated can lead to severe skin issue on your pet like sarcoptic mange.

  • constant dog scratching
  • excessive licking of paws, ears, belly and skin
  • dry skin
  • itching
  • pain

Immune health and dog skin allergies discussed in more detail.

The good new is that there is an effective and safe treatment to end dog skin allergies.  This is not a mask to provide temporary relief, but a permanent solution that works at the root of the problem.  By adding DermaPet Digestive Enzymes to your dog's diet you will begin the process of re building his dog immune system which is responsible for guarding against dog allergies.  One this immune system is built up and functioning correctly - your dog's natural defensives will be able to put an end to the skin allergy and your pet will be so happy and relaxed!

So how does it work?  Simple - the digestive enzymes in DermaPet are the same enzymes found naturally in your dog’s digestive system.  These enzymes are responsible for absorbing and processing nutrients from your digs diet.  Without adequate amounts of the enzymes (which is very common in many breeds), the digestive system cannot absorb these nutrients and as a result they are passed through the system; providing no value to your dog and causing dog allergies and symptoms such as dog itching, licking paws, unnecessary scratching and pain.


  1. Advanced Healing Therapy Shampoo

    Advanced Healing Therapy Shampoo

    Price: $14.99 As low as: $9.99

    OrganicDogs' Advanced healing Therapy shampoo is our premium shampoo designed to help your dog. If you dog is suffering from skin problems such as hot spots, skin allergies, dry skin, dermatitis, rashes, and excessive itching this is the shampoo you need it is filled with great ingredients. Fortified with Essential Oils, Silk Proteins, Zinc-PCA, Aloe Vera, Vitamins, Calendula, Lavender, and Jojoba oils.

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  2. Advanced Moisturizing Therapy Dog Shampoo

    Advanced Moisturizing Therapy Dog Shampoo

    Price: $14.99 As low as: $9.99

    Organic & Natural Dog Shampoo - Advanced Mositurizing Therapy

     Organic Dog's Advanced Moisturizing Therapy Dog Shampoo with Omega Oils, Aloe Vera, Essential Oils, and Botanical Extracts.

    Advanced Moisturizing Therapy Shampoo:

     Prouduct description: Organic Dog Advanced Moisturizing Therapy Shampoo is all natural sulfate, Detergent, paraben and phthalate free shampoo. Advance Moisturizing Shampoo will provide your dogs coat with instantaneous conditioning & delivers an optimal moisture balance directly to the hair fiber. It also smoothes and seals the coat surface for easy detangling. Great for all dog coats. 9oz.

     Directions: Shake well before using. Use warm water and wet dog thoroughly. Apply shampoo from tail to head. Massage gently into a thick lather rinse and repeat if necessary. Always be careful with shampoo around the eyes. Use shampoo once every two weeks for best results. The Advanced Moisturizing shampoo works well in conjunction with other Organic dog pet products.

     Ingredients: 100% Organic aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Saponified Coconut Oil, Emu Oil, Jojoba Oil, Saponified Coconut Oil, Emu Oil, Jojoba Oil, Silk amino Acids, Chamoomile Extract, chia extract, Rose Bud Extract, Geranium Extract Rosemary Extract, Sage Extract, Vitamin B5,Eucalyptus Oil, Lavender Oil, Avocado Oil, Citric Acid.

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  3. dermaHEAL

    dermaHEAL - Extra Strength Pet Healing Shampoo

    Price: $19.99 As low as: $14.99

    All Natural Shampoo to treat Mange, Scabies, Mites, Ticks, and Lice on Dogs! 

     Dermal Heal Plus Extra Strength Shampoo is formulated with all natural ingredients. These ingredients kill and wash away parasites, mites and scabies associated with all types of mange while moisturizing, repairing and healing the skin and coat. This product does not contains Anise Oil which can be damaging to dogs.9oz

     Works well with other Organic Dog products.


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  4. derma-HEAL Spray

    derma-HEAL - Mange Healing Spray

    Price: $17.99

    All Natural Healing Spray to assist with the treatment of mange, scabies, mites, and lice. Safe and effective. Learn More
  5. Advanced Moisturizing Therapy Dog Spray

    Advanced Moisturizing Therapy Dog Spray

    Price: $12.99 As low as: $8.99

    advanced MOISTURIZING THERAPY leave-in spray for grooming dogs in-between baths.  Dogs tend to catch dust and dirt in there coat and on their skin you can use the Advanced Moisturizing Therapy spray cleans and conditions in between baths.  This spray is enhanced with beneficial botanicals that conditions the coat and heals the skin.  Creates a healthy and beautiful coat with a long lasting fresh scent.

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  6. custom

    Advanced Healing Therapy Spray

    Price: $12.99 As low as: $8.99

    advanced therapy Healing Spray 

    OrganicDogs' premium spray designed to help with skin problems such as hot spots, skin allergies, dry skin, dermatitis, rashes, and excessive itching. 9 ounces.  Advanced Therapy Healing Spray rebalances your dog’s skin with medicated Zinc PCA, an essential element deficient in most dogs. Aloe Vera and Essential Oils heal and moisturize. 9oz  Avoid contact in and around eyes, mouth and nose. Avoid spraying onto any open sores or skin irritations. Best used in conjuction with Advanced Healing Therapy Shampoo.

     Made with love and cruelty free

     Made in the USA

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